New bot authors should refer to the getting started guide.

Extra resources

Bot Memory - The Data folder

Bots can save files to a local data folder and these files will persist between matches. This is a good way to remember what worked and what didn't.

Recognizing opponents - The Opponent ID

A unique ID for each opponent is provided as a way for bots to recognize opponents. The ID is specified when starting the bot as a command-line argument after a --OpponentId flag.
bot.exe --OpponentId 29381a9a-d299-4fb6-b225-cd455c9cc38b
This ID can be saved in your bot's data folder if desired.

AI Arena House Bots

Most of the house bots were originally written by Infy & Merfolk for testing their own bots. They have kindly donated them to the community for use in testing.
Download them from the House Bots profile here:
You can also issue match requests against them. wiki

ESChamp - Bits of Code

Misc notes below - yet to be structured

How do I know which of my units has been targeted by a Cyclone/Widowmine/etc?

The targeted unit will gain the relevant buff. e.g. for the Cyclone lock, it will gain the LOCKON buff as is listed here:

Increasing mineral gathering rates

Copy-paste, as written by ImpulseCloud (Holtan) in the sc2ai discord, starting at this message:

To see how to get the fastest minerals: He made one for SC2 too also, and I made some improvements to it, but haven't made any stats visualization for it can get a 10% speedup doing sock-folding and a couple of other tricks
I gave up before publishing anything. I did work with @yanntm(YoBot) to try to merge them into his bot. You can see some of that in It does manual ReturnCargo and Harvest actions to avoid the builtin 4-5 frame delay after the actions are done before the next action is queued. It also takes advantage of the trick of "exiting" mineral-walk will 'bump' the workers away from each other due to collision-physics, so if you have two workers that are mineral-walking thru each other, you have them exit mineral-walk as they pass their center-points, and then they get 'pushed' in their path-directions faster. and then also the 'magic-spot' trick where you have the worker sprinting to a point right in front of the mineral, so it doesn't take 2-3 extra frames to slow down before reaching (if in 'Harvest' action)
the one problem is that since it exits mineral-walk often, it will get screwed up by units (yours or enemy) walking thru the mineral-line, so you'd want to check for non-mineral-workers closeby whenever exiting mineral-walk. oh, using these tricks, you can also get that last load from a MULE the speedups actually 'oversaturate' close-minerals with just 2 workers, so if you don't force-pair on the mineral, one of the two will eventually end up waiting too long and leave the mineral you can even saturate far-minerals with just 2 workers if you use 2 speedlings to push/escort the workers back and forth (like pushing a merging-archon) but that would get too-crowded to do for all workers, especially with the other tricks, there'd be too many collisions
but it would immensely speedup long-distance-mining, at speedling speed ( the push/escort only works if the pushed/escorted unit doesn't have a Move command tho)